Ollie Barrows

A puckish man in a suave overcoat, this young man is hard as nails and here to party.




Ollie Barrows was born and raised in Sandpoint, and his life changed when the Goblins invaded Sandpoint. His parents were some of the first of the innocent townsfolk to fall to the creatures. Ollie survived by scaling to his roof and firing potshots at the beasts.

Unfortunately, Ollie was not hailed as ahero because of those fucking glory stealing bastards what fight all the Runelords. However, he was noticed by Shalelu, who took him under his wing and taught him how to survive and, more importantly, murder goblins.

As an adult, he lives a life of self-sufficiency, hunting and cooking and trading what he can’t eat, occasionally taking caravan trips around the country. When the call went out to ferry Ameiko to Tian Xa or whatever, he jumped at the opprotunity. Both to support his friends, make a fuckton of money, and act on his secret desire to romance Shalelu.

Ollie Barrows

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