A beautifully scarred half elf that shines through




Lydia has horribly burnt and shriveled arms and legs, but the rest of her body is largely untouched. She walks with a heavy limp, but when she has to hustle she straightens out and you’d hardly notice she was lame. She is extremely petite, weighing only 92 lbs at 5’7 in height. She has hair that is as black as moonlight and eyes that twinkle with star twilight. She seems to come from the stars. She wears a flowing white sleeveless gown, cut short, showing off not only her horribly burnt arms and legs, but giving glimpses to a little more where she isn’t burnt, and at the proper time maybe a little of the flesh underneath.


Lydia was born to a peasant woman who had a short fling with an elf passing through town on his way out for adventure. Lydia was born blackened. She had horrible scars covering her arms and legs, and when she was born her mother spontaneous combusted. She of course, never knew her father.

Koya Mvashti took Lydia in, the rest of town considered her cursed and wanted nothing to do with her. Luckily for Lydia someone in town cared, and Koya raised Lydia as if she were her mother. She taught Lydia some respect for the Goddess Desna, but Lydia never really got all into her. She did really grasp onto a small part of her portfolio, astronomy, particularity the lunar bodies floating above. She studied it since she was a girl, and through Koya tutelage she even learned how to grab some minor powers from the sky.

When Lydia was still young Koya adopted Sandru. They quickly grew close together and became almost inseparable, with Sandru protecting her from the others in town who still considered her cursed. As Lydia and Sandru grew older, they developed some small amount of feeling for each other, and Lydia even seduced him once. After that he withdrew from her, and went off to adventure with the tramp Ameiko.

Lydia didn’t see much left for her in Sandpoint so she followed Desna, and traveled the world for nearly 2 decades. She spent a great amount of that time in Sargava. She spent her time guiding travelers throughout the Shackles and the Mwangi Expanse, using her excellent outdoorsman skills along with her guidance from the sky’s above. It was during once such adventure that Lydia bonded with Twinkle and he has been her companion ever since. She often felt scorned so spent her time using men to her advantage, often cruelly leaving them broken by the time she was done with them.

Eventually Lydia and Twinkle left Sargava, and after some years found themselves back in Sandpoint. She learned of all that had gone on in the area, and quickly ran back into Sandru. She felt her groin instantly ache for him, and although she had been with many men since she had him that one night, nearly twenty years ago, she knew she wanted him and that they were meant to be together. She vowed that she wasn’t going to let him go again. Sandru and Lydia talked, and they went back to see Koya. The three of them talked long into the night, and thats when Lydia learned she had gotten back just in time. They were about to go on a long journey to Tian Xi. Lydia quickly offered her services as a guide, and quickly pulled back not wanting to appear TOO anxious in front of her love. Koya and Sandru said they were happy to have Lydia back and that she’d make a fine addition to the expedition.


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