• Elashtakar Valsora "El"

    Elashtakar Valsora "El"

    This white haired, red eyed, humanoid stands before you. He radiates a sense of purpose. His left hand and arm are sealed away and he wears a white glove on the other.
  • Rin Takenaka

    Rin Takenaka

    A powerful kitsune who enchants her enemies
  • Tania Voderick

    Tania Voderick

    This woman from the Linnorm Kings wields great might and a flame inside as strong as her hair
  • Lydia


    A beautifully scarred half elf that shines through
  • Ollie Barrows

    Ollie Barrows

    A puckish man in a suave overcoat, this young man is hard as nails and here to party.